Hydr8 is a water bottle and mobile app concept that calculates liquid input and output. The bottle’s interface displays how much the user has consumed. The mobile app reminds the user to drink and records usage over time, allowing the user to be aware, reminded, and motivated to drink water.


Without water, performance drops, fatigue hits, and the brain fogs. Drinking water is a basic need that can easily get overlooked, causing major health issues. Even though we live in a first world country where water is readily available, dehydration is still a very real issue. This product focuses on active busy 18–28 year olds in the U.S. 

A collaboration with Kerstin Segervall

Fun Fact: The naming of the system is Hydr8, a play on words and numbers. Eight is the number of cups of water the average person should drink in a day.


see UX/UI process work