about jen


"We create not simply because we can, but because we must."

—The Artisan


Hey! Thanks for stoppin’ by.

I like making things.

Things that make the rules & things that break the rules.
Things that don’t make you think & things that make you hungry for more.
Things that tickle your insides & things that have meaning.
Things that are delightful & things that are driven by data.

I like connecting people.

Connecting people to incredible ideas.
Connecting people to premium products.
Connecting people to raw relationships.
Connecting people to exceptional experiences.

The Journey is relentless.

It started in preschool when I refused to take a photo—I was too busy coloring.
It showed up when I skipped recess in 5th grade—I was too busy drawing.
It teased me high school—art isn’t a “real class". 
It taunted me in college—why not Art and Design?
It haunts me now—what will you make?

I like making things and connecting people to things.
The best is yet to come. Will you join with me?